Atlanta Voice Over Guy aka CrayonMouth
Marty Morgan is the Atlanta Voice Over Guy aka CrayonMouth

What is Atlanta Voice Over Guy?

Is it a voice over artist who hails from Atlanta? Is it a voice talent who does voice over work in Atlanta? Is an Atlanta Voice Over Guy a voice over artist who does voice over work for Atlanta clients and ad agencies? Does a Atlanta Voice Over Guy have to live in Atlanta or work exclusively from Atlanta to be a Atlanta Voice Over Guy?

We think not. In today’s close knit world of ISDN’s and phone patch and short commutes does it really matter as long you get the finished voice over product that you were looking for?

Prescription Drug Disclaimer SPOOF!

View voice over artist Marty Morgan in this hilarious tongue in cheek spoof on prescription drug commercials!

If you need voice talent in Atlanta or for the Atlanta market, Marty Morgan provides a variety of vocal treasures and is totally dedicated to making your radio or tv spots sound like a million bucks. Whether he performs his special brand of voice talent in Atlanta at the studio of your choice, or records at his home studio in Nashville and sends the finished spot to you, this is the Atlanta Voice Over Guy you need to book for your Atlanta voice over project..(Obviously I want the search engines to find me some Atlanta Voice Work)

As an advertising guy with 30 years experience writing and producing spots, delivering your pitches with character and impact comes natural. For the past 10 years, Marty has been honing his versatility as a specialized voice guy who makes variety the key to his reputation. That is quite simply how he became Crayon Mouth – the better known brand name for Atlanta Voice Over Guy Marty Morgan who is also the Atlanta Voice Over Guy and Atlanta Voice Over Guy and Marty Morgan VoiceOvers just to name a few.

Atlanta Voice Over Guy’s sample voice over demo reels will give you an idea of the wide range of voice over options we deliver to make your message stand out from the crowd. We go from studly sexy voices, to proper and prissy, from hot and heavy hard sell to calm and soothing — some would say our bread and butter voice over is the warm, folksy, smooth and trusty delivery that’s become Crayon Mouth’s voiceover trademark. But don’t stop there. Browse around the Crayon Mouth site linked to this one for the voiceover style that best sounds like the voice you imagined in your head for your spot…because Marty Morgan is much more than just one voice! He’s a whole rainbow of colorful voices…just waiting for you.

Listen to the Atlanta Voice Over Guy’s Demo Reel.

Chances are you will find we do a voice over style that you can really connect to. Plus, we would be glad to audition with a little direction and see if we can’t give you just what you had in mind in case you don’t hear it in our voiceover samples.

Our Voice Over Talent is Perfect for Audio Books, Narration, Podcasting, Corporate Film and Video Narration, DVD Video Voice, Documentaries, Radio Station Voice Imaging, Movie Trailer Voice, Announcer, Business Presentations, Training Videos, Internet Voice Overs and In Store Automated Voice Announcements. We also provide the best copywriting, concept development and audio scripting services for radio, tv and new media. The Atlanta Voice Over Guy has the sound you’ve been looking for.